Hygiene and safety are the keywords in today’s industrial bakery environments. Not only within the production processes, but certainly when you have to choose a flooring system for your new build or renovated bakery facility. More than 55 years, Bolidt has gathered a wealth of know-how of and experience in developing, producing, and applying hygienic resin flooring systems. Bolidt is thus a frequently sought-after partner for businesses in this segment of the foodstuff industry all around the world. They can rely on the fact that, thanks to Bolidt’s expertise and experience, the floors comply with the most stringent hygiene and safety criteria. In each phase of the production of bread products and confectionery, floors have specific functions. Unloading, storage, preparation, baking, cooling down, packaging, shipping; Bolidt has seamless, strong and non-slip floor finishes available for each space.



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