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Flooring & Automation

When thinking about upscaling or automating your bakery process you might not think about flooring immediately. But let us explain you how durable flooring systems can contribute to a continuous production process. Upscaling or automating an existing bakery is not an easy process. In many cases, upscaling or automization of your production process might lead to either adjustments or extensions of your plant. And that’s where Bolidt can assist you. Below you will find some key elements which you need when adjusting or renovating your existing bakery plant.

First and for all, downtime is of critical importance. At Bolidt understand that every minute of downtime has big implications for your business. As you can read on the Bolidt partner page, we manage all our projects under one roof. We produce our own materials and our own personnel installs our floors, meaning we can tightly plan renovation works during maintenance stops as we are not dependent on third parties. We make a plan together, and we make sure that we finish on time in order for you to continue production.

After a successful renovation with automated processes, you’re automated bakery facility has
– A strong floor with hygienic properties
– A clean look and feel
– A durable floor which easily lasts for the next 20 years

And off course, Bolidt can also assist you when you’re building a new, bigger and more automated bakery plant. When building a new plant to add more automated production lines, you have one, great chance to do it right. And that’s exactly where Bolidt can assist you. First time right, we call it.

There are a couple important topics that could assist you in creating your state of the art facility:
1. Lining, pathways and seamless colour connections creating safety and clarity for operators
2. Increased levels of slip resistance can be determined on specific areas along production lines, even possible to be tailor made per square meter.
3. A drain plan that fits with the hygiene and cleaning protocol
4. And of course, a floor plan that is tailored to every single area and activity in the plant

Because after all, as soon as the machines start, you don’t want to go back into repairs and renovations causing a big disruption in you daily operation.

Bolidt is a family-run business based in the Netherlands (near Rotterdam), which was founded in 1964. The strength of Bolidt is developing, producing and applying synthetic and seamless flooring systems. We cover the complete process from production of materials in our own factory, to the application of the materials. Bolidt has a global coverage as we are executing projects on al continents around the world.


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