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Food for experience

Experience, that’s what marketing is all about nowadays. An experience center is the ultimate way for a company to create a positive vibe around it’s brand. The bakery industry has also discovered and embraced the phenomenon. More and more bakery companies are providing their customers a glimpse into their kitchen with their own experience center. However, here it is about much more than just experience. The food industry likes to combine experience with education and innovation.

Experience, education and inspiration are keywords that are regularly used when it comes to experience centers in the bakery industry. Take Panerex, the Belgian bread and pastry bakery that opened a state-of-the-art branch in Maasmechelen.

This family business has been around for more than 80 years and, a few years back, decided that it was time for growth. However, they decided this was not to be in an anonymous building on an anonymous industrial site. Instead, Panerex built an ‘experience bakery’ of 2,500 m2, a large part of which is open to the public. Customers can buy their baguettes and croissants while watching, in the background, the preparation and baking of rice nougatine pies, brioches, strawberry puffs and tiger breads.

It doesn’t stop there; in the design bakery, customers can also learn how to bake bread themselves and experience first-hand what is involved in preparing a real Limburg vlaai. Under the title ‘The Academy by Panerex’, Panerex offers a wide range of inspiring bakery workshops to private individuals and companies, as well as schools, including intensive hands-on sessions and extensive bakery tours.


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