Hygiene is in the details

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Hygiene is in the details

A drain system is crucial for hygiene in a bakery environment. Stainless steel gutters and drains ensure that waste and waste water are removed as quickly as possible. The connection of the drainage system to the floor is also a critical success factor.

The importance of drainage systems for hygiene in the food industry cannot be emphasized enough. A drainage system is one of the factors of a proper hygienic maintenance process in industrial bakery environments. The most important function of a drainage system is to drain waste water and residues as efficiently as possible. In addition, they must have sufficient drainage capacity.

The drainage system itself is not the only critical element for hygiene, also the connection between the gutters, the drains and the floor is of great importance. The secret is in the details, it turns out. A floor must connect seamlessly – so without silicone filler or something similar – to the stainless steel of the drainage well and gutters. With a seamless connection between the drainage and the floor, no waste water can remain and no dirt can accumulate and there is no risk of bacterial formation. In addition to being seamless, such a connection must also be strong and resistant to mechanical pressure, for example, pallet trucks. That requires, in the first place, a strong and solid floor. If the floor can take a beating, the connection also keeps drains and gutters intact.

The flooring solutions from Bolidt for industrial bakery environments are very durable and extremely hygienic.


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