Low maintenance flooring

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Low maintenance flooring

To evaluate an investment a floor for an industrial bakery environment properly, it is important to look beyond the initial investment. A lower initial investment is worth less if major costs soon follow for professional maintenance and expensive repairs. The service life must also be considered.

Concerning maintenance and maintenance costs of flooring systems, Bolidt dares to look far ahead. Bolidt takes that financial responsibility which fits the extremely long service life of the floor and walls systems which Bolidt supplies.

All materials which Bolidt uses for floor systems are carefully selected. Bolidt pays a lot of attention to the use, consumption and re-use of materials. The materials are free of chemical solvents and are completely used when they are applied.

The Bolidt flooring systems for industrial bakery environments are known for their durability. Due to optimal structure of the floor surface and the absence of protective films or layers on Bolidt flooring systems, maintenance and cleaning are very easy.


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