The right bakery floor

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The right bakery floor

Bolidt and the baking industry go way back. By working and innovating closely with customers Bolidt has developed floors with ideal properties for industrial bakery environments. The Bolidt flooring systems meet the most stringent hygiene and safety directives, are easy to clean and provide safe working conditions. Moreover Bolidt offers one big extra promise: business continuity. The bakery that chooses Bolidt flooring systems is given a crucial certainty: there will be no disturbance of production because of floor repairs, floor replacements or outbreaks of bacteria.

The quality of products is essential. A Bolidt floor provides optimal hygiene and safety. Fungi for instance can thrive in the microbiological climate of a bakery, especially when moist ingredients are being used. That’s why Bolidt flooring systems are seamless, totally smooth and pore-tight. They do not absorb moisture nor allow it to penetrate. The result: there is no risk of bacteria setting or accumulating.

The next big advantage of a pore-tight floor: it’s resistant to high pressure and impact. Every tear can lead to dirt accumulation and the forming of bacteria. Luckily, a Bolidt flooring system cabn easily stand the use of heavy transport equipment or machinery. Manufactured from high-quality materials, it’s extremely durable, practically maintenance free and ready for at least 20 years of intensive use.

In other words: Bolidt flooring systems form a solid foundation for the success of a industrial bakery environment.


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